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Larry C. Marchant, Jr.


Larry Marchant has more than 20 years of political and governmental relations experience. He has a lifelong passion for the political process, which manifested itself during his college years when he was named president of the Lexington County Republican Party and the 3rd Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. His skills in party politics led to a close professional and personal relationship with then Congressman Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Marchant played a key role in Campbell's congressional re-election and subsequent election to the office of governor of South Carolina. In recognition of Marchant's leadership, Governor Campbell named him Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs. Marchant was 24 at the time.

In 1990, Marchant was recruited by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce to advocate on behalf of the business community. He initiated the first South Carolina Business Agenda, a pro-active effort for the state's business community. No anti-business legislation passed during Marchant's tenure at the State Chamber of Commerce.

His legislative insight and aggressive strategy at the State Chamber was recognized by healthcare industry executives and in 1995, Marchant took the position of executive director of the South Carolina Managed Care Alliance, now operating as the SC Alliance of Health Plans, which was formed to advance the issues of the health insurance industry. He has successfully led the organization through many heated and contentious debates over the past 13 years and still serves the organization on a contractual basis.

He also founded Marchant Consulting which provided services not only for the SC Alliance of Health Plans, but also for other clients such as Michelin, City of Columbia, Enron and BlueCross and BlueShield of South Carolina. In 2004, Marchant founded The Palmetto Policy Group, LLC.

As president of The Palmetto Policy Group, Marchant oversees the political and public relations operations of TPPG's clients in South Carolina.  He has been involved in development of statewide ballot initiatives and political campaigns in various states, including South Carolina through Black Label Strategy, LLC, his full service political consulting firm. He serves on the board of the SC Partnership to Prevent Chronic Disease and Americans for Limited Government.

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